Windows Defender is renamed Microsoft Defender and comes to Mac

© Windows Defender is renamed Microsoft Defender and comes to Mac

Microsoft brings the Windows Defender protection software to the MacOS operating system, after its rather forced renaming.

More specifically, Microsoft antivirus was also available for Apple’s MacOS operating system after it was renamed by Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

“For us, everything is related to the experiences of a person and our intention is to help make the public more productive”,

Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s vice president of Office and Windows, said in a statement.

“Our move is in the right direction, as we have done earlier with Office, which, from a dedicated Windows application, is now aimed at a wider audience”,

the Microsoft executive said.

Indeed, Spataro has clarified that the “news” is not that the application was made available for Mac systems but that Microsoft is redefining the way it serves the users of the Microsoft 365 office suite, which now acquire even the protection parameter, even if they work in an alternative Windows operating system.

It should be noted that Microsoft Defender is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, but there are a significant number of businesses using a mix of Windows and Mac systems.

Now this public user can also have a common security solution (if they do not use another solution of course) regardless of the operating system. In addition, a protection solution that covers alternative systems also means reducing complexity for IT business segments.

“I believe we have made much more progress than the public thinks we have done”,

Spataro said, wishing to point out that with this move Microsoft is beginning to shape a more intense “security company” than the past.

“All the changes we make are driven by the market itself”,

Spataro said, wishing to emphasize that the move was essentially a demand for the consumer.
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