Viber adds emoji reaction function to its communities

Viber adds emoji reaction function to its communities

Rakuten Viber announced emoji reactions in communities to take the “likes” on its platform a step further.

More specifically, celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17, Viber asked its users in different countries what their favorite emoji was; users were able to choose between five emojis: heart, laughter, shock, sadness, anger (💜, 😆, 😲, 😢, 😡) and what dominated Greece is 💜. More than 15,000 users voted in the Viber Greece community poll. And 58% of them chose the 💜. All of the above emojis will soon be available as reactions to Viber’s communities.

Before a user can react with an emoji to a message, he just need to hold down the heart icon next to each message and choose the emoji he wants to use.

This range of emojis makes it easy for users to react to messages, media, and content shared with each community exactly the way they want.

Communication is two-way and it’s important for users to be able to see how others react to their messages. To see the results, users can hold down the message and select “Info” to see the list of emojis left by other users in the message.

“Viber is determined to empower users who want to express themselves as accurately as possible. The ability to simply declare that you “like” a message, using the heart, does not include the wide range of emotions that different users feel when they read the same message, so we had to do more. The emoji reaction function allows users to express themselves in the most appropriate way”,

said Ofir Eyal, COO of Viber.
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