New Viber 10 with new look, group calls and hidden conversations

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The new version of Viber offers more flexible and easy communication, twice the speed of conversations and improved privacy features.

More specifically, Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging platforms, has announced the launch of Viber 10, which brings new design, improves user experience and -exploiting Viber’s fast performance- offers two times faster messaging.

© Provided by: P.ATHANASIADES & Co. SA

The new design improves user experience by offering:

  • Simple navigation: Users can easily navigate the application in a lighter and more elegant environment that allows them to find just what they need.
  • Easy access: Users can keep all private and group conversations, Communities, chatbots and their favorite public content in a main conversation list.
  • Separate Call Screen: On the updated Calls screen, users can find their latest calls, access their contact list, and manage their Viber Out subscriptions.

The Viber 10 introduces two new features that emphasize its value Viber as an effective, strong and safe for the privacy communication application.

  • Hidden-number Chats in Viber Communities, a new feature that allows community members to interact and exchange messages without having to exchange phone numbers. This encourages the spontaneous interaction between members of a community, while ensuring their protection. Users can communicate with another member in a community by clicking on their profile -displayed each time they send a message to a community– or from the list of participants in the community. If they feel comfortable, users can reveal their phone number to their interlocutor and communicate freely.
  • Viber Group Calls that allow up to five users to start a group voice call either by adding people to a current call or by initiating a call directly from an existing group chat . This feature will initially be available on voice calls , and in future time it will also be available in video calls.

With a refreshed user interface and enhanced performance, Viber 10 continues to commit the company to 100% privacy of users, with full end-to-end encryption by default in all private and group conversations and calls.

“The release of Viber 10 comes after intensive research and testing to improve and simplify communications for the large number of people around the world usingViber”,

said Djamel Agaoua, CEO of Viber.

“At Viber, we are all moving in the direction of our core mission: to make our product faster, simpler and safer. The new Viber 10 allows users to connect easily and spontaneously, always protecting their privacy and personal data. We hope our users will enjoy these changes as much as we do; it’s a brand new Viber! “

Viber 10 will be released to users worldwide in the coming days and will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The new Viber 10
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