Biohackers change their DNA by themselves!

Βιοχάκερ αλλάζουν μόνοι το DNA τους!

© Shutterstock Biohackers change their DNA by themselves!

Some have begun to “hack” their DNA themselves, in other words, to modify their genetic material at will and without scientific supervision at home, using genetic “tools” that can be traded on the Internet as well.

Biologist Joshua Zainer, who previously worked at NASA, is the first person to become known to have intervened on his own DNA by modifying his genes with the CRISPR method, according to New Scientist.

In fact, Zainer videotaped and transmitted live on Facebook himself while he injected the modified DNA with a syringe into his body. Following his tracks, other biohackers are preparing to do something similar or have already done it, without stating it.

But this self-deception, without any supervision by scientists, seems dangerously irresponsible.

Biohackers argue that since anyone can “hit” a tattoo on his body or change his face with plastic surgery, why can not he also change or improve his genome?



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