Why you don’t have to charge your cellphone all night

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There are ‎‎many questions about the good use of our mobile phone battery.‎‎ One of the most common, however, is whether it is ultimately to leave our ‎‎smartphone‎‎ in the socket to charge all night while we sleep.‎

What most experts agree on is ‎‎the fact ‎‎that our mobile phones are smart enough to understand when their battery has reached 100%.‎‎ Therefore, ‎‎no, there is no risk of them being charged more than is necessary or needed.‎

When the battery reaches 100%, then charging stops automatically. The new devices to reach 100% of their battery need one, at most two hours.‎

But what happens when you put your phone on charge just before you sleep, so you can find it with a full battery in the morning?‎

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When your smartphone reaches 100% of its battery‎‎, as we said, it ‎‎stops charging. As time passes, its battery drops to 99% and starts charging again automatically to get back to 100%. And that keeps happening until you unplug it, which certainly affects your battery life.‎

Every time you leave it all night charging, your cell phone is getting warmer.‎‎ The ‎‎right‎‎ thing to do in this case is ‎‎to take out its protective case so you can drop the temperature.‎‎ Also, it would be ‎‎nice not to have it beside you, for example on the bedside cabinet or (under no circumstances) under your pillow.‎

Last but not least, the cable with which you charge your cellphone is worth a look. If it is not the official cable of your mobile company or it has a problem (for example it has been cut off at one end), then you may be doing great harm to your smartphone battery.

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