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There are not many analysts who believe that changing the Facebook logo signifies a differentiation of the company from the social network.

The well-known social network trademark remains the same, while the new logo, in red letters, refers to the company. It will gradually appear on all company websites and social media services owned by Facebook.

Many are the ones who rushed to characterize the ‎‎Facebook logo change‎‎ as odd or unexpected, with the ‎‎company stating that the Facebook app will continue to have its own image policy, with respect to the parent company, which has a wide range of activities.‎‎ ‎

The parent ‎‎company seeks, according to Mashable, to consolidate its power in applications such as “WhatsApp” and “Instagram”, which gather the interest of the online audience.‎

The confirmation of the ‎‎Facebook monopoly‎‎ seems to be an element of interest to the parent company. For the marketing department of the company, it is important to disentangle Facebook’s image as a parent company in relation to the familiar image of the social network that holds the blue color in small letters.

The ‎‎new logo of the parent company can be adjusted according to the display on which it will appear,‎‎ while ‎‎when the space is limited the whole word can be converted to a simple FB.‎‎ The ‎‎color code of the word Facebook will match that of the site or service to which it is referred.‎

Use of the new logo has already begun and will be rolling out in the coming weeks to all of the company’s individual services, including “Facebook Messenger”, “Oculus”, “Workplace”, “Portal” and “Calibra”, and many more.

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