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After seven years of preparations, the Commission has announced that it will be possible for any interested party to create a fully-featured “.eu” website in the Greek alphabet.

The aim is to support multilingualism and multiculturalism in the European Union, while at the same time allowing the Internet more choice of domain names.

The ‎‎non-profit Organization EURid is the register of the online domain names “.eu”, “.ευ” and “.eю” (Cyrillic). This followed the creation of the Cyrillic “.ею” in June 2016 and from November 14, 2019 will become valid the Greek “.ευ”.

Users will now be able to create a whole domain name in Greek characters, such as “ευρώ.ευ”. The ‎‎existing domain names with Greek characters in their first leg and “.eu” suffix will have a three-year window to “migrate” to “.ευ”. On november 14, 2022, the mixed names of websites that have Greek characters but “.eu” suffix will be removed.‎

The “.eu”, as stated by AMNA, will thus be now available in all European alphabets, which will further enhance its use. Today it is the seventh largest domain name on the Internet, with 3.7 million European Union citizens and businesses using a “.eu” domain name.

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