This way you’ll have two WhatsApp accounts on your mobile

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The reasons for others are professional and for other purely personal, but today more and more people choose to have two phone numbers. Usually the solution to this is buying a smartphone with dual sim, but this is not always desirable. After all, the choices are very limited. Sure, therefore, the ability for two Whatsapp accounts could solve your problem.

Unfortunately, the famous app does not seem to be willing -at least not yet- to move in that direction. But is there a solution to this impasse? In fact, there is not only one but two and are very easy.

Guest mode

By enabling “Add guest” mode you can register two WhatsApp users on a single device. The process is easy and straightforward, provided you have a relatively new Android phone. In this case, then, you just need to activate this feature, download a latest version of WhatsApp and synchronize it with your second number.


Only available for Android, this app allows you to create a parallel virtual space where you can use your second account. As with the previous one, in this case the process is simple: download ParallelSpace to your device and then select the WhatsApp icon to make the necessary settings. In this virtual way you can have two parallel identities, as if they were two different devices.

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The advantages are obvious: say goodbye to the uncomfortable situation that wants you with two mobiles, farewell to smartphones with dual sim you never loved, forget the cables and headphones that are constantly confused in your handbag. Unfortunately, of course, these solutions are only for Android users, because there are no corresponding features on the iPhone. Finally, it is good to remember that neither of them is officially approved by WhatsApp.

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