Greek Police warns of new malware – What to care about

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The attention of internet users to malicious software that can invade computers and block the files is drawn by the Greek Electronic Crime Prosecution Unit, with a notice issued and inform about the risks.

In particular, information to citizens is about the emergence -internationally- of a new version of the malware software “Ransomware-Cryptoware” under the name “JNEC”, which is of increasing interest both in the method of misleading Internet users and on the other hand as to how to download the decryption key.

This particular “JNEC” malware exploits a security gap in computer files and infects information systems by sending emails containing maliciously attached files, mainly “fake” photos of women.

After the software is installed in the information system, the files are encrypted and the perpetrators ask for “ransom” to give the decryption key.

The Greek Electronic Crime Prosecution Unit warns citizens not to open unknown messages, to copy the files to external hard drives and to have security on computers.

Internet users and / or network administrators are invited to:

  • Back up files periodically to external storage, which must be kept out of the network so that they can be restored in the event of an attack.
  • In cases where they receive emails from unknown senders or unknown sources, they must not open the links and must not download attachments contained in these messages for which they are not sure about the sender and the contents of the attachment.
  • Verify and install the upgraded (Up to Date) version of their operating system.
  • Use genuine software programs up to date in their latest release and keep up-to-date their malware protection program.
  • Take care to protect their portable devices as well (Tablet & Smartphones). Instructions and tips are available at

It is noted that for incidents involving Ransomware – Cryptoware malware, EUROPOL and the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) have launched the website:, where citizens can find protection tips, but also decryption keys for some of the malware forms.
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