Netflix significantly improves sound streaming

© Netflix significantly improves the streaming sound

The audio rendering of Netflix videos gets new features and capabilities.

The audio transmission technology that Netflix will use from now on will be able to adjust audio quality in a similar way to what makes it for video streaming quality, depending on bandwidth and connection capabilities.

It is obvious that the issue of sound is directly intertwined with as much cinematic enjoyment as possible, while the equipment of most households with home cinema systems gives another argument in Netflix to invest more in the sound. Within this context, you need to associate Netflix’s decision with ever-increasing competition with other video streaming services such as Disney +.

Entering more technical details, it is worth mentioning that until now Netflix coded the audio signal on movies and series that is projected on Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround, while the bitrate was at 192 kbps. Now, it continues to follow the same standards as 5.1 surround to reach 640 kbps bitrates and Dolby Atmos to reach 768 kbps in quality. According to what the popular streaming service says, it will be difficult for the average listener to distinguish the difference of Netflix’s compressed sound versus master recording in a studio.

Essentially, Netflix chose to apply streaming technology for video files and audio files in order to be able to greatly enhance its content watching experience. In any case, the evidence suggests that this is possible at a time when the potential of each Internet connection has increased.
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