Free new broadcasts from YouTube

© Free new broadcasts from YouTube

Alphabet YouTube (Google) revealed on Thursday nine new broadcasts that will be available to watch for free later in the year, as the popular service seems to restrict attempts to attract subscribers through content that is only available behind paywalls (for a fee).

As reported by Reuters, these presentations were made at event for advertisers and mass media in New York. Among the new broadcasts are a documentary about Dude Perfect, a sports show on YouTube, and an interactive series with Mark Fiscamp, a YouTube star, allowing users to control the history of the story. Also, a research show from Vox and a series of films from The School of Life will be “exploring some of the greatest philosophical questions of our time”, according to YouTube.

More broadcasts / programs are expected to be released later this year, as YouTube attempts to raise its original audience to non-US audiences, according to a source quoted by Reuters.

“While every other media company sets up paywalls, we are heading in the opposite direction”,

said Robert Kincle, chief business officer of YouTube, in a statement. Still, YouTube said it continues to experiment with content-related “rewards” for subscribers; for example, all of the next season’s episodes of the popular series “Cobra Kai” will be available to subscribers as they come out, while non-subscribers will be able to watch one episode a week.
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