Mozilla wants to launch a new version of Firefox every month

© Mozilla wants to launch a new version of Firefox every month

Starting next year, Firefox, one of the most popular browsers globally, is expected to get a new version every four weeks.

This is the design announced by Mozilla for the upgrade packages that Firefox will receive, while making it clear that with this method ‎‎there will be a completely new version of Firefox every six to eight weeks‎‎. The main reason for this is not only to keep the browser up to date, but also to respond promptly to any security challenges that may arise on the Internet.

Mozilla technicians want to increase the rate at which they respond to online threats and other challenges, while stressing that Mozilla’s programming beat the key competitor of Firefox, which is none other than Google Chrome. Chrome is updated at a steady pace of six weeks.

Compared to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox was behind in integrating new Web APIs, something that developers had highlighted and created problems in the highly competitive environment of Internet browsers.

In any case, however, Mozilla emphasizes that the trial period of the applications and experimental features deployed in the Firefox environment will not be affected, as the 4-week renewal cycle is not binding on the timing period during which a developer sets a function or application that prepares in a trial period.

The version of Mozilla Firefox for Business, called Extended Support Release, will see no changes to the schedule of the new releases, which remains at 12 months for each new release and 3 months for each upgrade package. The changes there are more limited.
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