LinkedIn makes it easier to promote professional skills

© LinkedIn makes it easier to promote professional skills

All professional skills are good, but they are worthless if you cannot make them known to potential employers.

The “Skills Assessment” feature launched by the business network is now available to all LinkedIn users to make it even easier for all professionals to show their business skills to potential employers in a more effective way.

A series of surveys conducted by LinkedIn showed that 76% of network users would like to have an easy way to certify their skills so that they can show their competitive advantage.

LinkedIn makes available the “Skills Assessment” which consists of multiple choice questions that can validate the knowledge of each user in a given field of knowledge. If you successfully pass the test process, you get a sign that can be added to your profile and thereby certify that you have the knowledge in that particular field of knowledge.

LinkedIn’s “Skills Assessment” is designed by professionals and specialists working on LinkedIn, many of whom are responsible for creating content in LinkedIn Learning. If one fails in the “Skills Assessment” of a knowledge field, no problem arises, as only each user knows it and not the rest of the network. One can redo the test after a period of three months, during which time he / she can take courses from LinkedIn Learning.

In any case, LinkedIn emphasizes that it will continue to provide tools to promote the skills of each of its users, to make ‎‎communication easier between those who want to hire staff and professionals who want to increase their partnerships.
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