3 new-age health problems that technology has “loaded” us

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Modern people, we have found new ways to… injure our bodies, says Jocelyn Szeto, a doctor at the University of Texas Health Science Center and Texas Medical Center, speaking at Health. Specifically, he says, habits like watching TV, playing on the tablet, scrolling and taking selfies can create new age health problems. What are these? See below.

Selfie Elbow

When you take a selfie, your hand reaches out to strange angles to find the perfect fit for a perfect photo. As you look for a click – blockbuster, however, your elbow gets tense. If you take tons of selfies, inflammation of the elbow joints may occur.

Thumb injury

Your thumb tendons are threatened by injuries from the constant scrolling on the screens of your electronic devices or the games you occasionally play on your computer or tablet.

Neck Injury

In this case, the part of the body that is overloaded is the neck, but the causes can be two. The tablet and the TV! As for the tablet, most people tend to keep it lower than is ideal for proper posture. If you bend over on your tablet, this means that you are also pushing the upper part of your body, and therefore the muscles in your neck. Conversely, the neck can be injured by the television you placed higher than it should be, that is, the height of the eye. This makes your body take a curious posture that strains the muscles at the neck.

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