The mistakes you make in Instagram

Τα λάθη που κάνεις στο Instagram

© Shutterstock The mistakes you make in Instagram

You do not post regularly

The important thing is to “build” a custom relationship with the Instagram community, so if you leave it… it leaves you.

You post no matter the time

It has been estimated from research that more responsive are the photos you post between 11.00 and 14.00 noon and between 19.00 and 21.00 in the afternoon. Also, Instagram’s fanatics are “ready” at 2 in the morning and at 5 in the afternoon. Finally, research showed that the day with the most likes on Instagram is narrowly Wednesday.

You post poor quality photos

Not only you must have a good camera on your cellphone (most smartphones now take good photos) but also these photos must have interesting subject / optics / lighting.

You do not show your face

An impersonal account is not friendly to the followers, so a selfie now and then (but not 15 a day) does not hurt.

You do not “like” and “follow”

Do not expect them to follow you or massively like you if you do not… give yourself something.

You ignore the stories

Half the “party” is now over the insta stories. See stories of followers, get ideas, “react” and of course, upload yours.

You do not use the new tools

Insta stories give you the opportunity to “dress” them in different fonts, with polls, tags, animated elements that increase the interactivity and the “liveliness” of stories.

You do not use hashtags

And yet, as much “procedural” they may seem, it is a good way to discover you, those who are interested in thematic ones like yours.

You have no concept

Try to have a central idea for your Instagram, to attract “thematic” followers, eg. fashion lovers or friends of traveling, with a nice travel photo and so on.

You keep your profile “private”

A large percentage of those who reach your profile to follow you, if they do not see even an indicative picture of yourself, as it happens when you keep your profile “private”, will hardly hit the coveted “follow” button.

You leave the“bio” empty

Make sure to write something about yourself as an info on your profile to give an idea of ​​who you are or what your follower will see in your feed. If you have a website, add the link.

You do not mind the caption

Do not be bored to think of a smart quote, or a funny word for your photo. Often, the caption “illuminates” the photo and even makes an indifferent snapshot, interesting.



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