Huawei announced AirEngine as a new brand of Wi-Fi products

© Huawei announced AirEngine as a new brand of Wi-Fi products

During the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2019, Huawei and the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) hosted a debate where Huawei announced the new Wi-Fi “AirEngine”, which will be integrated into the full range of enterprise-class “Wi-Fi 6” products.

Three advantages make “AirEngine” separate, according to Huawei: high performance, optimal user experience and activation of business models.

“AirEngine” is based on technical advantages derived from Huawei’s 5G intelligent antenna technology and intelligent application technologies and achieves clever optimization in user experience and seamless service continuity.

“AirEngine” can also host new applications such as 4K and VR and work with partners to achieve wireless transformation in the fields of teaching, research, construction and other critical services, allowing new business models.

“With unparalleled technical advantages, Huawei” AirEngine “allows wireless networks to efficiently and reliably transfer traditional wired network services. Typical benefits include smooth VR / AR training, high-definition sessions and wireless business offices, as well as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) with zero packet loss in industrial environments. Huawei “AirEngine” will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises in various industries,

said Zhao Zhipeng, President of Huawei’s Campus Network Domain, Data Communication Product Line.

Huawei, a leader contributor to “Wi-Fi 6”, has contributed substantially to the growth of the entire industry. Huawei is the first vendor to present “Wi-Fi 6” products and commercially available. Currently, “Wi-Fi 6” APs are being put into production in five major regions around the world.

Kevin Robinson, Vice President Marketing at WFA, reported the latest developments and industry forecasts of “Wi-Fi 6” and analyzed the impact of “Wi-Fi 6” on digital business transformation.

He stated:

“We appreciate Huawei’s great contribution to the development of “Wi-Fi 6” from standards and prototypes to commercial use. The WFA believes that 2019 will be the year of commercial use of “Wi-Fi 6” and will launch a “Wi-Fi 6” certification program in the third quarter of 2019.

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