Microsoft announces a new operating system, Modern OS

© Microsoft announces a new operating system, Modern OS

Microsoft makes clear hints about the launch of a new operating system for use in future-proof devices, which in turn will be continuously connected, safe and extremely lightweight.

The blog post with which Microsoft revealed its intentions is basically an amalgam of all that was announced during the Computex 2019 exhibition.

Essentially this is how Microsoft looks at future operating systems and explains its intentions about what it calls “Modern OS”.

Microsoft’s posting marks eight points that the US company believes need to have a modern operating system.

  • First of all, “Modern OS” should be constantly up to date, with updates constantly and in the background, so as not to be a nuisance to the user.
  • It should be secure by default, with the operating system being separated from the applications to provide more protection against malicious attacks.
  • “Modern OS” should always be connected by taking advantage of alternating Wi-Fi and LTE 5G support.
  • It should provide the user with stable performance even at the level of autonomy, which should be as long as possible.
  • It should always be connected to the cloud,
  • while practically self-explanatory should be considered the support of Artificial Intelligence technologies.
  • Interesting is the point where Microsoft refers to Multi-Sense, that is, the user can use any kind of media (pen, voice, touch or even look) as a method of entering data on the device, beyond -of course- the traditional keyboard and mouse.
  • Finally, a modern operating system should have the appropriate integration of sensors in order to support innovative applications that will be offered in the future in this ecosystem.

It is worth noting that many of the above points, such as continuous updates and permanent cloud interfacing, are reminiscent of Google’s Chrome OS properties, which may indicate that Microsoft’s intention is to bring a whole new proposition which will leave Windows behind, the most emblematic of the company’s products.
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