How to delete your profile on Facebook

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#DeleteFacebook. The hashtag that some time ago had become viral, is now a reality. After the scandal of Facebook, where it was revealed that users’ data had been leaked in “Cambridge Analytica”, many people were alarmed and outraged by the platform.

Since then, until now, exactly what has been said by the most famous, hashtag: users delete the application.

Prior to the scandal, trying to permanently delete an account for a family member, I remember having difficulty. I finally did not get it and this page still exists. In fact, chatting with friends, in their attempt to erase their profiles (again regardless of the scandal) they never did.

The process is not difficult at all. We looked for it, and if you want to delete your profile, just follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Do log in”

Connect to your Facebook profile from a browser from either your mobile phone or your computer. Remember that you can not delete your profile from the application.

Step # 2

Go to the link

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This link will link you directly to the FB settings page that will help you delete your profile. Go to the “Delete My Account” section.

Step # 3

Enter your codes

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Enter your codes and do the “security check text”. After clicking “OK”, it takes about 90 days for FB to remove all your posts, photos, and items. After 90 days you will be Facebook free!


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