Bridge with three-dimensional printing method in Shanghai

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15-meter-long bridge has been printed by Shanghai, which will be located in a central park in Taopo.

With dimensions of 15.25 meters in length, 3.8 meters in width and 1.2 meters in height, the bridge was constructed in layers by a three-dimensional printing system developed by “Shanghai Construction Group”In order to complete it took 35 days.

The material made of -acrylonitrile copolymer acrylic, a plastic used in three-dimensional printing, combined with glass fiber- can withstand long-term exposure to sunlight and rain and ensures that the bridge meets national construction specifications.

According to Chen Siaoming, who is deputy chief engineer of the group, the bridge can be used for about three decades.

“The bridge can withstand a load of 250 kilos per square meter, which means that at least four adults can walk to it at the same time per square meter”,

Chen said.

The three-dimensional printing technology is considered environmentally friendly construction method requires less human labor and produces no dust or construction waste.

Source: ANA-MNA



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