Facebook: Technical problem in Instagram-Whatsapp

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Several Facebook and its
affiliates Instagram and Whatsapp users around the world faced more than ten hours of difficulty accessing and running their applications. The problem began at around 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, and many users were unable to post.

After many users complain, via Twitter, Facebook -also through message on Twitter– recognized the problem, said that is working on the solution but did not explain the cause. It made clear, however, that this was not a hacker attack.

It is considered the worst technical problem faced by Facebook in its history. The last time it had “fallen” to such an extent was in 2008, when he had only 150 million users at the time and not 2.3 billion today.

The problems were worse in the US and Europe, according to Reuters, French news agency and the BBC. Small-scale problems had been faced last year by Facebook, in September and November, which were attributed to “network issues” the first and malfunctioning of a second server.

Source: ANA-MNA

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