Facebook attempts to combine Stories and News Feed

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Facebook’s “Stories” feature is not yet widespread, but the company seems determined to invent new ways of introducing it.

As revealed by software engineer and researcher Jane Manchun Wong, on the TechCrunch website, Facebook is testing a new feature that basically combines “Stories” with the “News Feed” features of the application.
According to Wong, if the new carousel-like feature is finally available, it will make Facebook look more like Instagram Stories than the established News Feed with the vertical scrolling of the screen. The new feature will also include regular posts with “Stories” posts.

In a tweet posted by Wong, a progress bar is shown running through the top of the screen and the application automatically moves to the next status update or Story, as happens with Instagram “Stories”. Wong” reportedly found this new feature in the Facebook app for Android, downloaded the relevant video, and uploaded it.

After revealing, Facebook confirmed that what TechCrunch has published is true and is an early trial, but it does not specify whether this feature will be officially released.

Analysts believe that Facebook’s leadership is keen to make service users watch more Stories. Especially CEO Mark Zuckerberg had publicly admitted last year that Facebook’s specific functionality did not grow as fast as they would. “Stories” were particularly popular in Snapchat, with the result of their successful adoption by Instagram.

Facebook earns significant revenue from Instagram “Stories”ads and it should be logical to want to give the same boost to the company’s top platform.

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