Microsoft changes safe device removal

With the global use of the latest Windows 10 update, how to remove devices safely changes. Changes concern both the safe removal of devices that are connected to a computer via a USB interface and via a Thunderbolt port.

It goes without saying that the changes will apply to external storage devices, USB keys, external hard drives and other similar devices. The new upgrade package now has the “Quick Removal” option instead of the “Better Performance” setting that has been in place today.

At first glance, the difference may not be considered significant, but there are large deviations from one and the other. In selecting “Better Performance”, Windows 10 chooses the best operation and performance during data transfer before removing a device from the system.

This led to the safe removal of devices through a manual operation that often disturbed users but was, at the same time, a security guarantee for user data. With “Quick Removal”, this safe removal process is no longer required, although -as reported by ZD Net– this process may slow down the data transfer process to an external unit.

In any case, however, different sources point out that with the changes promoted by Microsoft, it will stop the nagging of many users who have neglected to properly process the secure data removal process, thus losing their data in many cases. Users can change these settings whenever they want, through the right-click menu, if one chooses after “Device Management”. At the end of the resulting menu, you can choose “Properties” and then “Policies”, in order for the user to choose the policy that will be followed by the operating system.
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