Broadband connection via … wet twine (rope)!

Ευρυζωνική σύνδεση μέσω...βρεγμένου σπάγκου© Broadband connection via … wet twine (rope)

Engineer at a small, British Internet service provider has managed to make a broadband connection work by using two meters … wet twine (rope).

Andrews and Arnold’s engineer who carried out the experiment made it essentially for fun. This connection was at speeds of 3.5 Mbps, but the purpose was simply to see if this was possible, as there is no apparent practical utility.

“To be honest, it was fun, something one of our technicians decided to try’ we have equipment we could try at the office, and why not?”,

Adrian Kennard, director of the company, said to BBC.

“There is no possibility of commercial exploitation that we know about”

he noted, adding that this shows how adaptive is ADSL.

“This can be important when it comes to problematic (connection) lines, with some bad or even decoupled points still providing a level of broadband services.”

The twine (rope) used in the experiment was first placed in salt water, which was chosen because salt is a good conductor of electricity.



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