Apple: Disables Group FaceTime to fix a serious problem

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bug that lets you hear people who you have invited to a group conversation before these people accept the call is the reason Apple is going to disable Group FaceTime.

Disabling FaceTime ‘s group chat was on Monday as the US company tried to resolve the problem, with the solution expected to come by the end of the week.

This, of course, has not prevented social media users from advising one another to disable the basic application from their devices until the problem is solved. What is characteristic is that the co-founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and Reddit Alexis Ohanian are among those who recommend their Twitter followers to uninstall FaceTime from their devices.

Obviously disabling Group FaceTime is a temporary solution until the company can identify the source of the problem and publish the appropriate software upgrade. Of what has been known so far, the bug is triggered when the user attempts to initiate a video call with FaceTime, and through his contacts begins to add contacts to the conversation while the call is in progress. Then if he adds his own phone number, he can hear his callers even if they have not yet accepted the call.

This bug should be considered a strong slap to Apple, a company that supports that its operating system is safer compared to the competitive Android of GoogleApple‘s official announcement says:

“We know the problem and we have the fix that will begin to be distributed within the week”.

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