Facebook paid users to monitor their activity

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According to TechCrunchFacebook paid its new users to watch indiscriminately everything they do there

Facebook users were between the ages of 13 and 35, who took a $20 fee a month to install a Virtual Private Network on their Android or iOS mobile called Facebook Research. Through this software, Facebook could receive detailed information about what Facebook users are doing using the social networking application.

Some of the information that Facebook has accessed in this way are personal messages, emails, pages that one visits with the browser, and their searches. In fact, there is the ability to inform Facebook even about the history of orders made by a user on Amazon.

According to the data released, Facebook calls its initiative Project Atlas in order to determine trends in the use of social media so that Facebook can offer different services in the near future. By the time these lines were written, Facebook did not comment on the news that came out of tracking its users.

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