Facebook proceeds to consolidate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

© Shutterstock Facebook proceeds to consolidate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook plans to unify Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications. Although they would retain their autonomy, on a deeper level it is now possible users’ messages to “travel” between the three services.

As Athens News Agency (ANA) broadcasts, Facebook has made a point about the begining of a “long process”, the initiative for which chief Mark Zackerberg has acted, according to the BBC and the New York Times. Once the project is completed by the end of 2019 or early 2020, a Facebook user will be able to contact another user -that, for example, has just a WhatsApp account- directly, something impossible today, as the three individual apps do not have a common core.

Zackerberg‘s goal is to make its services more useful and to increase the time users spend on them. At the same time, Facebook, thanks to unification, will be able to compete more effectively with Google and Apple. To date, Facebook has left Instagram and WhatsApp to function as independent companies to a large extent. The decision to consolidate created internal disagreements and was partially the cause for the founders of the two companies -which had previously acquired by Facebook- to leave in 2018.

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