The world of the Internet in one minute!

Ο κόσμος του Internet σε ένα λεπτό

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By Letas Kalamaras

When Facebook recently announced that its users are more than 2 billion, technology analysts have risen and started re-studying the world of the internet.

One of the first conclusions reached was the fact that each month about 25% of the human population is linked to his facebook account.

Simplified, some people said and were right as it is too difficult to understand the scale of facebook links. For this reason, analysts have used an analogue example to show the size, depth and importance of the online world as it is formed in social networks and beyond. So imagine a stadium of 50,000 seats and multiply that number by a factor of 40,000 and this is the number of different people connected to Facebook every month around the world.

The scale of the internet is so great that it makes no sense to see the information on a monthly basis or even use daily data.

According to the World Economic Forum, in one minute on the Internet in 2017, there are: 900,000 Facebook links, 16 million text messages, 4,1 million watch videos, downloading 342,000 apps, uploading 46,000 posts to Instagram, sending 452,200 Tweets , uploading 990,000 swipes to Tinder, sending 156 million emails, 40,000 hours of Spotify listening, using 50 Amazon voice service devices, creating 120 new LinkedIn accounts, sending 15,000 messages through messenger, creating 1,8 million Snaps, spending $751,522 in on-line trade, watching 70,017 hours on Netflix and 3.5 million searches on Google.

Social networks

As the experts point out, in a universe of social media, where there are no entry barriers and competition is almost unlimited, content production has hardened and culminates in the view that the “winner takes it all”. Since people do not have the time to look at the 452,200 tweets sent every minute, the one who has the most influence is also in the head of the heads of commercial departments.

Based on the figures, the Earth’s population is estimated at 7,476 billion, with 54% of them living in cities, Internet users are estimated at 3,773 billion, accounting for 50% of the population as a whole, active social network users are estimated at 2,789 billion, 37% of the population, mobile phone users reach 4.917 billion, or 66% of the population, and active users of social networks through mobile telephony account for 2.549 billion users otherwise the 34% of the population.


The speed with which the world of the internet evolves and widened is reflected in the example of LinkedIn. As analysts say, it is almost comical that the 2008 edition of the World Economic Forum listed LinkedIn as a “network of networks”.

Since then LinkedIn has a range of 500 million professionals and is one of the most important business acquisitions.

Regarding the influence that users have on social networks, it is evidenced by the recent evidence that more people hold a mobile toothbrush device, Facebook is the largest “country” in the world, grandparents are the largest user group on Twitter , three times more preference for Infographic users than any other type of content, video usage in you tube will dominate in 2018 when using the mobile.



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