Why don’t I have a strong Wi-Fi signal?‎

Why don't I have a strong Wi-Fi signal?‎
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If your ‎‎Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, it may not be your mobile phone that is to blame, but it’s your space; and specifically, ‎‎these 6 items in the room‎‎.‎

‎Many metal surfaces‎

‎Metal tends to absorb electricity‎‎, preventing the electromagnetic waves emitted by your router from spreading properly in the space, ‎‎thereby weakening your Wi-Fi signal.‎

‎Between your device and the router are many walls‎

Materials like brick, cement and marble don’t do well with the electromagnetic waves your router is trying to send you. Hence in two-storey houses, a signal exists only on one of the floors; basically, to the one the router is. Try ‎‎putting it on the most ‎‎”open‎‎” spot in the house, and if that doesn’t work, get a repeater‎‎.‎

‎You got a lot of mirrors in the room‎

‎And no, that’s not a comment on your vanity. The ‎‎mirror acts as a shield for electromagnetic waves‎‎, making them bounce on its surface and thereby ‎‎destabilising your Internet connection‎‎.‎

‎The microwave‎

‎Since its frequency ‎‎range is similar to that of your router, it is a good idea ‎‎not to have these two devices close‎‎ to each other; If you don’t have a choice, at least put ‎‎the router to a higher spot than the microwave oven‎‎.‎

‎The intercom‎

‎These devices‎‎ -that young parents use to hear the baby while sleeping- ‎also transmit at a frequency similar to that of Wi-Fi‎‎. ‎‎Remove them from the router‎‎ and the problem will probably be solved.‎

‎The fridge and washer‎

‎… And in general, ‎‎anything that contains pipes in which water is flowing. ‎‎Electromagnetic waves‎‎ are like cats: ‎‎They do not like water‎‎. Place ‎‎the router as far as possible from such devices‎‎, and your signal will improve. ‎

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