Big Data trends in 2020

Big Data trends in 2020
© Trends in Big Data in 2020

The Big Data sector is expected to continue to boom in the new year. Global Data gives a perspective on how this field of Information Technology will be formed in the coming months.

A field that is expected to be a common place for all entities managing or dealing with Big Data is that of centralized management,since the trend is to abandon the different management centers and to be replaced by a point where the overview of all functions will be gathered.

Another trend that is taking shape is that of data democratization, as all modern infrastructures allow data to be circulated in a wider range of recipients. In addition to democratizing them, data is now accompanied by the appropriate tools, which are often combined with AI that provides solutions to various processes, thus contributing to the better and faster integration of Big Data everywhere.

Crucial is the role of AI in qualitative data analysis, as it is estimated that technology can help with rapid analysis. The whole set of data itself is now compatible with Artificial Intelligence tools to create large-scale data management models.

One such example is IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Data Kit,which includes 700,000 menus from 21,000 different American cities, along with search data per kitchen, ingredients, etc. Such a data package could be used by a travel app in order to allow a visitor of a city to be automatically informed about places where they can find gluten-free food in terms of geographical proximity.

One trend, finally, emerging in the world of Big Data is the so-called Data as a Service, or briefly DaaS. It is a cloud service that offers on-demand access to data, allowing information to flow through specific channels that help data gain meaning through their proper grouping in each stream.
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