Top 4 photo editing apps for instagram

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Most people spend a lot of time from their day “stalking” photos and videos.

All the “game” is played there now.

If you want to impress with your “photos” and your modern “feed”, I have the solution!

As you already know, in instagram you publish photos and the secret to good photos is the edit.

Together we will see the best known and free photo editing applications that will boost your account.

1). “VSCO cam”: is known for its original and impressive filters.

Choose one of the many filters it offers for free and see your photos change dramatically.

Then adjust the exposure, contrast, and saturation, and you will have a picture of the right colors and contrasts highlighting either the facial features or the landscape you have photographed!

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The most important thing, of course, for a good photograph, is the moment when it is taken, that is, adequate lighting (prefer natural light), the right frame and of course it is not shaken!

2). The second application is “Snapseed”: an application that captures photos and boosts the natural landscapes you have photographed.

If you experiment with it a bit, you will find it very easy to use and transform your amateur pictures into professional ones!

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3). “UNUM”: If you are dealing with instagram and you are uploading often you will have to wonder if your new photo matches the previous editions so you have a harmonious profile.

To be able to see if the new image matches the old ones without having to publish it you can upload it to the UNUM application and it will show you how it will be when you publish it!

So you can achieve a harmonious profile impressing whoever comes in.

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4). “Instafollowers”: The last application has nothing to do with photos but I’m sure it interests you!

I imagine the burdens that you were looking for all your followers to see who is still following you and who has made you “unfollow” are many.

Now with this application you will be able to directly see who made you “unfollow” and what people you follow and which do not follow you.

I think the kit for a perfect profile in instagram is ready. Time to become the next “influencer”.

Good luck!

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