‎The smarter our home is, the less satisfied we are!‎

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The more “smart” electronic devices one has at home, the less satisfied he is.

This is the conclusion of a new study by Greek Diaspora researchers, focusing on new gadgets of smart homes, finding that ultimately most people feel rather better when they have only a few such devices around them.

The study also found that age does not play a role, as older people feel as satisfied (or unsatisfied) with these devices as younger ones, while sex and income level do not affect how satisfied they are with the new technological advances at home.

According to AMNA, researchers at the University of Newcastle, UK, led by innovation and entrepreneurship professor Savvas Papayiannidis and his associate lecturer in marketing Dr. Eleftherios Alamanos, presented their research at the British Academy of Management’s annual conference in Birmingham, conducted an online sampling of 457 people in the US, who used “smart” home technology, such as “smart” lights, motion sensors, “smart” Google Home or Amazon Echo speakers, and more.

Participants were asked to answer how many different devices they use in their home from a list of 29 such devices, how satisfied they felt, and whether they intended to continue using them in the future.

It was found that the more devices a user had around him, the less satisfaction he felt and the more likely he would not want to continue using them in the future.

Researchers believe that the first devices add value to the lives of consumers, but who then appear reluctant to convert all their traditional electrical or electronic devices into “smart” (with artificial intelligence embedded).

The bigger a family is, the more reluctant it is to fill their home with “smart” appliances, while the bigger the home, the greater their desire to use them.

About 14 billion smart home devices have been sold internationally to date and the world market continues to expand at a rapid pace.

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