The new Microsoft Edge will support Chrome extensions

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Last week Microsoft confirmed earlier rumors that it wanted to adopt the “Chromium platform” for its own web browser, “Edge”.

The confirmation did not add any more details about the project, but they came through Kyle Alden, project manager and developer of the American company.

“It’s our intention that the refreshed browser supports all existing Chrome extensions”,

Alden said.

Additionally, the “new” Microsoft Edge will also be available on devices that will not necessarily run the company’s “Windows 10″ operating system. This translates into the ability of the “Chromium web browser” to come gradually to the “Xbox One” platform.

“We are in the early stages of this journey”,

Alden said in his statements, adding:

“Our intention is to bring the new version of “Microsoft Edge” to all Microsoft devices”.

It remains unclear whether Microsoft, in its latest decisions, will also promote a “Windows 10 version” of “Google Chrome” through its own app store.

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