Hero Arm: 3D printed bionic hand for mutilated children

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The first “3D-printed” artificial hand with medical certification that is suitable for children was developed by the British “Open Bionics”. 

As the BBC says, “Hero Arm” can be used even by nine-year-old children. The motor is controlled by muscles at the remaining end, allowing the user to do a number of tasks he would do with a normal hand. The cost is £5,000 and “Open Bionics” hopes the hand will be made available through the NHS (the British National Health System). 

Beyond its circuits, the remaining hand is built through 3D printing. As she told the BBC, Sami Payne -co-founder of “Open Bionics”- many children facing such problems had said they were ashamed to go to school with prosthetics that wore in the past because they were bullying.

 “However, with “Hero Arm” it’s like having a “gadget” that they can demonstrate, experiment with, and play with it.” 

 “It changes everything. You can drink with it, you can do all sorts of things with it. I had done it all with my friends and suddenly everyone is gathering. No one wants to eat it on his face! “

says Reime , who had a relative problem in her right elbow from birth. 

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