Some things you can do on Google and you do not know them

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For everything you use google, from fun to research, even to find -literally- your way with Google Maps. But there are some tricks and little secrets you might not know.

Here are some of them:

You can turn the screen 360 degrees

You just need to write “do a barrel roll” on the search bar and press enter: your entire screen will make a nice 360-degree turn. This is a reference to Star Fox, a Nintendo video game history, in which this traffic was a special maneuver.

Google without gravity

If you click this link, you will see the search bar collapse. You can, however, bring the pieces back to their place with the mouse. Or try at least.

Unstable screen

Do you know what askew means?

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Just try to google it and see what happens on your screen.


If you google the word “anagram”, Google will suggest you the phrase “nag a ram”Which is the anagram of the word “anagram”.

The zerg game

The zerg-characters are insects in the famous game “StarCraft”. If you type “zerg rush”, Google will start a rain of “O” from the corners of the screen, which will erase everything in their path. You can mark them and kill them with the mouse.

Languages that do not exist

The google speaks some languages that simply do not exist. If you go to “My account” and try to change your search language, you will see some very interesting things. As for example the “Klingon”, the artificial language is spoken by fictional characters in the universe of “Star Trek”.

Antarctica on Google Maps

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“Google Maps” include millions of streets but their

coverage does not cover 100% of the planet.

For example, there is no directive in Antarctica. 


Google gives you the opportunity to play perhaps the most classic video game of all times, Pac-Man”through this link.

Your Maps finds parking

Starting in 2017, Google Maps provides a parking service for some very specific cities currently participating voluntarily in the experiment.

For scientists and students

If you print the “site: edu” before searching, Google will restrict results to educational institutes and institutions. Something particularly useful for those who are looking for very specific topics, scientific publications, and similar items.

Google knows everything

“Answer to life, the universe, and everything”. This is something you may have never typed in the

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search engine. But if you do, the result will be “42”.

This is a reference to Douglas Adams‘s novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

The “blink”

If you click here, you will see that there is “blink html”Whenever though you look at the word “blink”, it will disappear. Just as it happens every time you blink your eyes.

How to delete information

For those who find content to be removed from the “search engine”Google offers this extremely useful tool in which reports are made to stop something to exist.

No internet, but has the dinosaur

Another hidden google game activated when the internet connection drops and the popular dinosaur is shown.

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Pressing “space, a dinosaur starts to run and jump cacti, gathering points.


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