Reuters: Chinese “rival awe” on Google Play comes in!

Reuters: Chinese "rival awe" on Google Play comes in
© Reuters: Chinese ‘rival awe’ comes in on Google Play

Chinese Xiaomi, Huawei Technologies, Oppo and Vivo are joining forces to create a platform where developers outside China will be able to upload apps to all their app stores at the same time, in a move that analysts say is meant to challenge Google Play’s dominance, as reported by Reuters.

The four companies put the finishing “touches” on what is known as the Global Developer Service (GDSA). The platform –according to Reuters which cites up-to-date sources on the subject- plans to make it easier for game, music, film and other app creators to sell their apps in overseas markets.

The original target was to be launched in March, according to sources, although it is not known whether these plans may be affected by the recent outbreak of the corona-virus. In the first phase the platform appears to cover nine regions, including India, Indonesia and Russia.

Oppo and Vivo are both owned by Chinese BBK Electronics. As Reuters reports, all four companies declined to comment.

Google, whose services are blocked in China, made about $8.8 billion worldwide from Google Play in 2019, according to Katie Williams, an analyst at Sensor Tower.

Analysts believe GDSA may be able to attract some developers by providing greater visibility than the already crowded Google Play; while financial incentives may be better.

“By making it easier for developers to access multiple app stores, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are trying to attract more developers and, ultimately, more applications,”

Williams said.
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