This year’s 117 new emojis

This year's 117 new emojis
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You’re probably aware of the most typical Italian gesture. You know, the one with all the fingers of the hand joined in the shape of a diamond, usually framed with a look of wonder and at the same time disapproval.

This move is therefore among the new emojis that have been released and you will soon see them -if you do not already see them- in all your discussions on social media and other messaging services.

Among the new options available to users are the face with a mustache and a big nose, the tear in the smile, the face with Santa’s cap, the ninjas and the transgender flag.

The Unicode Consortium, the international NGO from Mountain View, California, which launches the emojis, released just a few days ago the 117 additions. Of these, completely new are the 62, with the remaining 55 being older emojis that have been shaped differently. Their spirit is directly related to socio-political developments at global level, with the aim of direct or indirect communication and the fight against stereotypes and racism.

As for the section of animals and insects that are now available, there are the polar bear, beaver, seal and bison, cockroach and beetle, fly and worm as well as mythical creatures such as mammoth. In the section of the food one can find peppers, olives and blueberries, bubble tea and fondue.

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Other items identified are roller skates, magic wand, pot, nautical knot, coin, military helmet, flip flops, boomerang, saw, screwdriver, hook, ladder, mousetrap and toothbrush.

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