Millions of email passwords leaked – Check if yours is in the list! Millions of email passwords leaked

Internet users are in panic, after news that more than 773 million files containing emails and passwords have leaked to the Internet.

“Massive password leakage containing 773 million details – Learn if it affects you” is titled Mirror’s report revealing the news.

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Leakage of these data revealed by Troy Hunt, the founder of «HaveIBeenPwned» site, where one can see if his email has been hacked.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Mirror, if you enter your email on this site, it will not tell you immediately that your passwords have leaked, but if it is in the “HaveIBeenPwned” database , then you definitely have to worry.

Check here the site that Mirror quotes and according to its claims you can see if your information has leaked

What should you do if you hacked?

First, you must immediately change your password from all the sites you may have saved it. Do not just change one digit, prefer another, completely different code.

Change also the password to recover e-mail.

Install the two-step verification system.  If you use Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo you will have this option. Essentially, this requires you to pass a two-step process to verify your identity each time you sign in to your e-mail from a new device.

Select all e-mails from your contacts and send them an emergency note telling them not to open any strange e-mail that can be sent from your own address, much more from a link.
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