Instagram forbids photographs showing self-harm

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Instagram, the very popular new social networking site, has decided to ban photos showing self-harm, thus participating in the fight against self-harm and suicide, announced today the platform belongs to Facebook.

Very recently:

“We found that, as far as the issues of self-harm and suicide are concerned, we are not there and we should do more to ensure the safety of Instagram users”,

announced on his official blog.

The site, which has already banned any publication that would encourage or promote suicide or self-harm, will now prohibit and remove “photos that clearly show self-harm”.

As for photos that are less tough but associated with self-injury -such as scars, for example- they will not appear in search results and will not be suggested by Instagram‘s algorithms, which he says are working with mental health experts.

This type of content is less clear:

“Will not be abolished altogether as we do not want to stigmatize or isolate people who may be desperate and publish content related to self-injuries to call for help”,

adds Facebook ‘s affiliate.

Like its parent, Instagram and Twitter or Google are constantly trying to limit their problematic content on their platforms while seeking to avoid any censorship.

Instagram, a platform that enables the sharing of photos, with more than a billion users worldwide, consider taking other measures, such as blur in some photos so you do not stand out clearly.

According to the BBC, this decision is taken after the accusation by the father of a 14-year-old British who committed suicide in 2017, that Instagram has a share of responsibility in the drama. According to her father, the teenager had looked and seen many contents of suicide and self-harm.

Instagram created as a simple photo sharing platform, was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and over the years developed into a full social networking tool, where users talk to each other through the comments posted beneath the photos.
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