Google+ deletes user data on April 2

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Google+ leaves the online reallity, inviting users to download their data until early April. 

Already since February 4, it is not possible to create new Google+ profiles, communities, events, and pages, which shows that Google+ isa social network that will soon cease to exist. In order not to lose user data, Google+ invites everyone to download what they have uploaded there, as from early April 2019 on, all user data will be automatically deleted.

For those who use Google+ as a Sign In to Services and Apps tool, it will in most cases replace this way with the login information in your Google Account . It is worth noting that deleting data on Google+ is a lengthy process, so many users may see some of their data continue to appear on the social network, but that does not mean they will not be deleted at all.

From April 2, 2019 onwards, all comments made on different sites will be deleted by using the Google+ account details that you have kept up to date.

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