Facebook: They want to hide the number of ‘likes’ from posts!

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To some will bring relief and to others discomfort. Facebook is facing a new challenge – bet: it may no longer publicly display the number of ‘likes’ that accompany its users’ posts.

In this case, users will be able to click on the “like” icon in the photo, text or video posted on the platform, but only the creator of the post will know how many users have expressed their “likes”.

The aim is, inter alia, the attention to be drawn to the content itself of each post, rather than its popularity.

“We’re planning to hide the number of” likes “on Facebook“,

a spokesman for the social media giant told the French News Agency.

Facebook is already testing this feature in some countries on its Instagram platform. Users may know how many “likes” the photo has posted has received and how many times their videos have been viewed, but these figures are no longer publicly displayed.

Twitter has also tried this method, but has found that users of this medium are less interested in tweets when not accompanied by their popularity statistics.

“When you remove these indicators, people are less involved,”

Kevon Bekpour, Twitter’s product manager, said in August at a press conference in San Francisco.

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