Facebook: Massive deletions of 2 billion fake accounts

© CNN Greece Facebook: Massive deletions of 2 billion fake accounts

Facebook reported that in the first quarter this year disabled 2.19 billion fake user accounts.

In total, in the October 2018-March 2019 half, it deleted more than three billion accounts. Overall, around 5% of the 2.4 billion active monthly users are estimated to be fake, which have not yet been discovered.

As mentioned in the social network’s latest report, over the same six-month period, more than seven million “hate speech” posts have been removed from Facebook’s content (four million this year). In the first quarter of 2019, more than one million complaints were filed by users, because their posts were deleted as a “hate speech”, of which some 150,000 were eventually restored.

At the same time, managing director of the largest social network Mark Zuckerberg, responding to the more and more frequent objections and proposals to split Facebook because it has become too big, said that split is not solving anything and that, on the contrary, thanks to its size, has managed to defend itself effectively against the challenges and problems of harmful, misleading and propaganda content.

“I do not think the solution to the division of the company will yield. The success of our company has allowed us to fund these efforts on a massive scale. I think the amount in our budget for our security systems is larger than the total of Twitter’s revenue this year”,

Zuckerberg said, according to the BBC and the French Agency, and argued that splitting Facebook into smaller companies would “worsen the problems.”

Facebook: Μαζικές διαγραφές 2 δισ. fake λογαριασμών -1
© CNN Greece Facebook: Massive deletions of 2 billion fake accounts -1

He also denied that Facebook controls the digital advertising market, where, as he said, Google is the leader.

“I think it is somewhat exaggerated to say that we are in some kind of dominant position”,

he stressed.

Facebook said the constant increase in fake deletion is due to the fact that some “malicious factors”, mainly spammers who want to make money, use automated methods to create large numbers of such accounts. Facebook, however, claims that it can now identify and erase the vast majority within a few minutes before these accounts prevent “causing some damage”.

Facebook report says that for every 10,000 post-user views, fewer than 14 people see naked, about 25 see violence, fewer than three see something about child abuse or terrorist propaganda.

Facebook also took measures against 900,000 drug-related postings, most of which (83%) were automatically deleted by its “smart” software.

Source: CNN-Greece
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