6 applications for even better Instagram

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There are detachable iPhone lenses, cases for underwater shooting, selfie sticks and many more gadgets to get your social media photos a few steps further.

But everything starts when you do “click” and your photo is saved. Then the following apps undertake.


You no longer need Photoshop to create a special collage as there is Superimpose that has a distinctive feature: it can do layering on your photos. It is very simple to use and the result of almost professional level. You select an image for the first shot and one for the background and start to “create”.

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When the effect of your selfie is not so flattering, Facetune comes to help. With this you can reform or make your face even more different or scary.

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Lightricks, the same company that created Facetune, also presents Enlight, many of which would characterize as the “Swiss Knife” of photo apps. Its powerful card is the “mixer” feature, with which you can combine two images with mainly surreal results.

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How would it look to you to have a dark photography room on your smartphone? Because this is exactly the Darkr, which allows you to simulate the process of selecting the “negative”, developing the film and creating the final photo. It also includes a simple tutorial on how to use the tools provided to you.

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The top app of 2016 according to Google and Apple. With Prisma, you can transform your photos into artistic images, using a wide range of filters. In December 2016, Prisma also launched its own social media platform.

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If you belong to the category of people who want to be transformed into a cartoon, there is no more suitable app than Meitu. It has several filters with names such as “Angelic”, “Mermaid”, and “Baroness”.

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Did you understand that you have already said “goodbye” to the boring filters?

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