Delivery and courier service drones by Google

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The world’s first commercial air delivery and courier service for consumers, through Google’s unmanned drones, begins in Canberra.

Project Wing -as the service called- will transport food, beverages, medicines and other merchandise directly to consumer homes in the capital of Australia.

The approval was given by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority, CASA, after 18 months of testing in the northern part of Canberra Project Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent), during which no accident occurred.

Already 12 local businesses have signed an agreement to distribute products to their customers, from ice creams, chocolates and coffees to bread and golf equipment.

A CASA spokesman said that the “green light” was given after the practical examination of the safety of transport drones, the effectiveness of the traffic management system, as well as the training of drones pilots and maintenance personnel. As he said,

“There are no risks to people on the ground, on real estate or on airplanes in the sky.”

Approval was given under strict conditions, such as that the drones service will operate at specific times of the day. Drones are forbidden to go over major road arteries and must keep a minimum distance from people on the ground.

During the tests there were complaints from some residents about the noise made by the air vehicles, so Project Wing then developed a quieter drone type.

The new air transport service will officially begin operating in some suburbs of Canberra within a few weeks, and later expanded to other suburbs.
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