‎Can I delete accounts that I don’t use anymore?‎

‎Can I delete accounts that I don’t use anymore?‎

In times like the one we live in, digital and very fast, if not all of us have accounts that are never used by anyone. They are accounts for sites that we were very interested at first, but after a while we forgot them. Or accounts for free trials, which we did not have time to deal with. Or accounts in online shops that were not what we finally expected.

Many could say that these old accounts do not cause any problems, since no one uses them, and in some cases this is true. But the existence of many and idle logins can potentially cause security problems.

In the event that hackers attack the database, they will not only discover personal user information, such as your email address or home address, but they could show the way for your most important account. This can happen if you use a common username and password for different services, which is not recommended for that very reason.

So wise tactics is to arrange your digital accounts, especially those that are no longer used.

  • For starters, try to bring such accounts into your memory and do a research on your mobile apps. Delete those that are no longer active.
  • The next step can only be to search your email. This may be time consuming if you consider how many emails you receive every day in general, and how much you receive when creating an account.
  • Then go to your Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts. Examine the apps and services you’ve linked to these accounts. If you unlink the accounts from there, you are actually closing the way to your main accounts, you do not delete them completely.
  • Finally, do not forget to take a look at the programs you use to manage your passwords. These may show some accounts you forgot.

‎At this point to emphasize that ‎‎it is not enough merely to remove an application from your mobile to be disabled, but it is a basic requirement.‎

  • If you can not remember the credentials for that account, give it some time to reset the password provided by each service.
  • If you want to keep your account history, look in the backup or export options.
  • Deleting your accounts permanently will vary by service and app. This can be helped by a simple web search or databases like “JustDeleteMe“.
  • Read carefully the information shown, especially when it comes to data retention policies.
  • Wait for the confirmation message and you’re done.
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