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The whole planet has rushed to see through “FaceApp” what its face will be when the years go, but there are applications that respect your privacy.

In the case of “aiportraits.com”, Artificial Intelligence undertakes to change the image of your face so that it looks like a classic portrait. This portrait follows the use of 45,000 images and portraits in a classic style, in order to produce a result from the past. The algorithm has been developed by IBM’s Watson creators in collaboration with MIT.

Anyone can upload a photo of themselves and rely on that algorithm to see an artist’s image of their face. It is worthwhile to try, as all the pictures produced are of exceptional aesthetics. The machine is based on works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and other great and famous painters who have left their own stance in Art.

© Provided by P.ATHANASIADES & Co. SA

Behind the operation of Artificial Intelligence, there is a special technology that differs from what we are used to in similar applications, since here no special effects are applied to a face or an image, but the portrait is redesigned based on the technique that the user has chosen.

App developers make it clear that there are no privacy issues for users, as FaceApp does, as the images go to the service servers, but they are immediately deleted after the effects are applied. Nothing remains stored on the servers and no personal data is sent to third parties without the express permission of the user.

It is useful to be aware of this at a time when -and rightly so- it is so much a dagger to the issue of privacy violation by portrait-making applications on the Internet.

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