Attention: Those who have these Windows are in danger of hacking!

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Google discovered a serious vulnerability in Windows 7 operating system and warned users of the system (which are still many around the world) that their computer is in danger of breached by hackers .

Microsoft , which was informed, said that working to tackle the problem.

The hackers exploit the “hole” in Windows 7, in conjunction with a separate error that Google also found in Chrome, its own web browser. The company has already released a security update to close the “backdoor”.

The Windows problem is in parts of the operating system that stop a program’s data from interacting with anything else outside this applicationGoogle said it has evidence that malicious hackers found a way to exploit a hither to unknown bug in Chrome, so that through it to switch to other applications and ultimately break the unsuspecting computer user.

Google urged users to update their Chrome,
and to “download” the “patch” that has made by the company to close the security gap.

“It’s serious, update Chrome right away, without waste of time”,

wrote on Twitter Google’s engineer Justin Sou, according to BBCAfter updating, the user must close Chrome and launch it again to apply the security update.

Google said that:

“So far we have noticed active exploitation of the security gap only against Windows 7 32-bit systems“.

solution for the user is to upgrade his operating system to the latest version of Windows 10.

Microsoft does not however give a specific date when it will launch its own “patch” for the problem at 7 Windows, but assured that it will be “as soon as possible”.

It is noted that millions of computers still use Windows 7, although they are almost ten years old.

That’s because they continue to regard them as the best operating system Microsoft has ever built and refuses to give up.

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