USB 4 promises much higher speeds

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The main feature of the new generation USB, or USB 4, is that it will offer high speeds in data transfer. 

USB 4 will offer support for Thunderbolt 3 ports, while the higher speeds are referred to by the USB Promoter Group, the organization that takes care of what the new standard includes. The analytical technical features of USB 4 will be released later, according to what has been announced so far. Details of the new standard are expected to become available later in the year, while the new protocol is said to support data rates of up to 40 Gbps.

Compatibility with the Thunderbolt 3 standard is expected to provide the opportunity to develop the standard wiring, as there are currently many peripherals on the market that support it. According to ZDNet, it can not be ruled out to see a Thunderbolt 4 standard that is fully compliant with the USB 4 standard. It is good to note that the USB 2.0 standard is expected to remain on the market for quite some time, as the world of computers, beyond the smartphone field, is known not to adapt as quickly as the creators of a new standard such as USB 4 would like.

It is certain that the new model will take some time to become a commonplace on all devices, but it is certain that as soon as it is widely used, it will obviously enjoy greater speeds in copying and pasting data. In any case, however, again with ZDNet, the Thunderbolt continues to have Intel’s support, although USB 4 promises a connection for a never-ending number of devices and other peripherals.

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