All Chromebooks can also support Linux

© All Chromebooks can also support Linux

Google announced in the I / O that it would be feasible and much easier to run a “Linux” distribution on “Chrome OS”. According to Google, this will be true for both “Intel”-based and “ARM”-based computers.

Many sources agree that this announcement is not surprising from Google, as the Chrome OS” itself began as a version of “Ubuntu Linux” and has become the version on which it has created final version of the “Chrome OS” currently in use.

As ZDNet tells us, all a user that wants to take advantage of “Linux” features on his “Chromebook” has to do is to open the “Chrome OS” application management tool, press the “Search / Launcher” and type the word “Terminal” at that point. This command enables the “Terminal Virtual Machine”, which initiates the “Debian 9.0 Stretch” distribution. It is possible one to run “Ubuntu” and “Fedora Linux” by typing a series of simple commands, on the “Chromebook” it uses.

It is worth noting that “Linux” on the “Chromebook” does not run as a choice between the two operating systems, but as an option that allows the two operating systems to run simultaneously on the same computer. This allows for a number of interesting features, such as choosing a file from the one operating system and opening it with an application of the other system.

In the latest version of Chrome OS, one can run on a “Chromebook” not only distributions of “Linux” but also “Android” apps, something very useful to developers that want to develop applications for all three different operating systems.
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