These are the 10 things you should not upload to social media!

ΝΕΑ: Αυτά είναι τα 10 πράγματα που δεν πρέπει να ανεβάζετε στα social media

© These are the 10 things you should not upload to social media

The truth is that in recent years, since social media has entered our life, privacy is rare.

More and more people are becoming addicted to social media, putting in moments of their personal life on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. Especially, in the summer the chronology fills with enthusiasts from holidays and check ins for the location where the users are. But, this is not necessarily bad. However, users should be particularly careful as popular pages hide traps. And there are some things that you should never upload.

Let’s see what these are and why they hide dangers:

The address of your home or your work

Facebook is not a resume to give personal details, such as home, work, or mobile phone address. Even photographs from the outside of your home that can testify to the exact location, should not be published. And you should also tell your friends when they are at your home not to tag your address.

Information that you will be away from home for days

Hellenic Police has recently made a relevant announcement calling on users to be careful and not to give details of their holidays. It is understandable how you want to show your friends where you are and how you are doing, but as Hellenic Police explains, someone who knows you are absent and even for days can “hit” your home. So, a good idea is to upload photos from your vacation, with your return.

Very personal photos

At Instagram, in particular, they upload very personal photos, in very personal moments. You have to be very careful because our days are strange and these pictures can be used by slickers. You understand. Also, this is especially important, as the Electronic Crime Prosecution Unit of the Hellenic Police has highlighted, especially teenagers, should not have any trust. And they should not even send inbox, their very personal photos. Besides, there have been many incidents, where slickers were blackmailing girls with such photos. Be careful, therefore, parents also. For more information on safe Internet surfing, visit the Greek Police website: 


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Personal photos of your children

We understand that some children’s moments are… a temptation and you want to share them with your online friends. Photos with their achievements, or photos from your vacation. However, you should be very careful as you do not have to publish your child photos from very personal moments like when they are bathing. No matter how cute they look like in lathers

Your credit or other sensitive personal data

But there are some people uploading social media photos with their credit or other personal data. Do not do it, because that’s how easy it is for hackers.

Photos of foreign children

There are parents who have no problem uploading their children’s photos. However, you should be careful when it comes to foreign children. So, if you want to upload photos from a school holiday or event with your child, but other kids shown also, you should have parental approval before you make them public.

Nominal complaints

You may have a problem with your neighbor and be oppose because it throws water or something else. However, you do not have the right to face him on facebook. Also, to make a named complaint or even gossip.

Photographs that may… expose you

This is mainly about workers. There are many who share photos in a coffee while they should normally be in the office. Or they’ve got sick leave, but they’re… healthy for a walk. This needs attention because you must keep in mind that nothing remains hidden and people have lost their jobs to social media.

“Bombardment” of personal or useless information

You do not need to “bombard” your social media pages with lots of personal information. Or with personal photos and videos. Also, you do not need to check in where you are, what you do and how you feel. You know, it’s tiring for your online friends.

Notifications, which, if they do not, will fall into a black curse

Various “rubbishes” are released on the Internet, such as: “Shocking: in 1 week the world will be destroyed”, or the other: “Forward it now, or a curse will fall upon you”. Because, as it is known, the curse is a donkey. Especially, the latter is incredibly irritating. So they send you to notify something, so that the 10 plagues of Pharaoh will not find you. You can believe them, but not all your friends do. So, avoid it.



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