Yes; Facebook listens and transcribes users’ voicemails

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New scandal upsets Facebook Inc. after revealing that it was transcribing audio clips sent by users through the colossus services.

A report in the financial newspaper Bloomberg reports that the company is paying thousands of outside partners to transcribe the voicemails of users.

Some of these employees, who spoke anonymously in the newspaper -so as not to lose their job- said they did not know how the audio messages were recorded or stored but were asked to transcribe them.

In these audio files they hear the conversations of Facebook users, which sometimes have vulgar content.

“We don’t know why Facebook wants to be transcribed (these conversations),”

said those employees.

Facebook acknowledged that it was transcribing users’ audio files.

Announced, however, that had stopped the practice.

“Like Apple and Google, we stopped processing audio from people a week ago,”

the company said on Tuesday.

Affected users had enabled a setting in the options allowing their audio conversations to be recorded.

People were transcribed because Facebook wanted to check whether its artificial intelligence system “understood” what users were saying.

‎The social networking giant is not the only company that has received ‎‎”‎‎fire‎‎”‎‎ for this practice.‎

The same goes for Amazon as well as Apple.

Mark Zuckerberg had denied in a US congressional deposition that the company was recording and storing his users’ conversations.

“You’re talking about a moving conspiracy theory, that we are supposed to hear what people are doing through their mobile microphone to use it for advertising,”

said Zuckerberg in April 2018, and continued:

“We don’t do that.”

Some time later, the company announced that it would only access mobile microphones if users themselves gave their consent.
Source: CNN-Greece
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